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Our Team

Focused On Exponential Results

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Why AIMatters AI Powered Strategy

Our Why

We help investors and leaders generate superior returns from today’s platform business models.

How AIMatters AI Powered Strategy Works

Our How

We use AI and our proprietary operating playbook to change how companies operate.

What AIMatters AI Powered Strategy Does

Our What

We deliver superior results to our portfolio companies based on our AI and playbook.

The History of AIMatters

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Our Founders

Barry Libert  Chairman | CEO

Barry Libert
Chairman | CEO

Megan Beck  President

Megan Beck


Our Team

Nathan Klarer  CTO

Nathan Klarer

Denika Pease  CMO

Denika Pease

Greg O’Brien  CFO

Greg O’Brien

Our Board

Tom Davenport

Tom Davenport

Michael Krugman

Michael Krugman