10 Reasons Why Facebook is For Business

Time Magazine recently published a list of 10 Reasons Why Facebook is for old fogies. The article gave me a good laugh mostly because I think it's pretty true. Facebook is for old fogies and guess what? Most businesses are run by old fogies. That said, here's my list of 10 Reasons Why Facebook Should Be used by businesses and their leaders:

Business is very personal, especially in highly connected, social world. Facebook in the workplace allows companies and their constituents – partners, employees, and customers – to connect on a personal level. When I log into Facebook, I can access tons of personal information about my colleagues, both past and present. It's the modern day version of a rolodex plus more.

Facebook provides business intelligence. I just walked down the hallway to see Patrick Moran, our CMO, and he wasn't there. When I got back to my desk and logged into my Facebook account, I checked his status update and saw that he's meeting his wife for lunch (Yes, I just admitted to in-office stalking)

Facebook is a great way for discovering interesting pieces of news. Here's a link I just pulled up in a status update from Meredith Kench, our very own UI wizard.

Facebook is one of many ways for me to connect with people I meet at events. I am admittedly awful with names, but when I get friend requests, I can recognize the familiar faces.

Facebook is a great way to meet potential new hires. I did a webinar with Don Tapscott yesterday and we were discussing Millennials entering the workplace. There's a huge pool of hungry college seniors on Facebook who all need jobs after graduation. If you use Facebook for HR purposes, you're going directly to the applicant pool.

Facebook lets you get messages faster than other communication channels. I did an interview with Mark Ramsey and he sent me the link via Facebook. This morning, I probably had over 100 emails in my InBox so in a way, Mark found a way to cut the line.

Contrary to Item 10 in the Time article, businesses DO care about being cool. For leaders looking to spruce up their PR, nothing says, "I want to connect" better than a Facebook account. We might not fully get the experience the way digital natives do, but dipping our feet in is one step closer to the right direction.

You never know where your next lead or business opportunity is going to come from. I've found tons of old friends and colleagues from my past who just might be future Mzinga clients.

Facebook is free! With a price tag of $0, business leaders have nothing to lose.

Facebook lets me keep in touch with my kids. I have two sons in college and I sometimes get invites to things like their Tennis matches or Parent's weekend. Business leaders need balance, and sometimes, that comes in the form of family.

Given this list, I don't think business leaders have a reason NOT to join Facebook. It's the best place to orient yourself with all of this social networking "stuff" you've been hearing about. And for those business leaders who are willing to really dive in, note that nothing replaces building your own social network. Barack Obama had a Facebook account, but his real community of supporters came from my.BarackObama.com, a white label social platform that helped his team self-organize and raise $750M.

Through social networks and online communities, leaders can connect with their customers, employees and partners to produce real results - better products, services, higher revenues, and lower costs. It's time for business to join the movement and start getting social!

Cailin DarcyComment