It's Time to Build Your Social Nation

I want to invite you all to join me today in building your company as a nation of friends, fans and followers as you seek to grow and innovate in today's turbulent economic times. Specifically, with the release of our newest book, Social Nation – How to Harness the Power of Social Media to Attract Customers, Motivate Employees, and Grow Your Business by John Wiley &Sons, we want to help organizations work with employees, partners, customers and investors to transition from a company that makes and sells products and services to a nation of committed constituents that can help innovation and growth in new and unprecedented ways.

Social Nation is a book based on nearly ten years of 'best practices' that was developed by Mzinga. We have helped hundreds of large and small organizations build online communities to harness the full power and passions of their people – including their partners, associates, customers and distributors. The book focuses on how to use your nation to improve sales, marketing, product innovation and customer support functions in ways never before imagined.

Readers of Social Nation will learn about:

  • Seven principles for generating a positive return on your social business strategy, which highlight the roles of corporate culture, open leadership, online etiquette, recognition and rewards, and measurement in today's networked world
  • An online skills assessmentfor identifying talents against defined characteristics and traits, as well as prescriptions for how to develop new social competencies and incorporate them within existing leadership strategies
  • Guidelines to follow and common pitfalls to avoid for putting Social Nation principles into practice, including frameworks for establishing symbiotic relationships with employees and customers, suggested use cases and business processes where collaboration can pay dividends for businesses and their customers, and how to turn obstacles into opportunities.

Social Nation provides insights through the detailed and personal stories of some incredible people and organizations including Ducati, The Emily Post Foundation, Zappos, TopCoder, Webkinz and It shows how people everywhere - both inside and out of organizations - are starting to create a nation of energized constituents to help achieve unexpected results through the power of the social interactions, communications and knowledge.

In addition, Social Nation includes a Social Skills assessment that is based on thousands of interviews and proprietary data that can help you understand how deeply developed your social skills are and where you can improve them. So join the social media movement now, not by just by tweeting or adding friends to your Facebook page, but by building your own Social Nation of friends and followers, fans and fanatics that can help you achieve your organization's dreams and true potential.

Cailin DarcyComment