Why Open Matters!

Did you ever wonder why open really matters? Just think about the question for a moment. Have you been in a relationship where your partner is emotionally closed to your needs? Or have you worked for someone that has to have it his way? Do you buy products and services from companies that don't really care for you and you know it because you can't reach them on weekends or weeknights for support? And do you have conversations with people that when you finish you say to yourself - 'they just don't get it'.

Don't take it personally -- you are not alone. We are surrounded by CLOSED leaders, boards, managers and governments. And there are examples everywhere to prove it. The middle eastern regimes are perfect and very visible examples of closed governments. GM was a wonderful example of a large company with closed leadership and boards members. And Blockbuster was very closed business (storefronts only) and never got the value of going open (like Netflix). The result for all these closed governments, leaders, boards and businesses was failure. The good news is they are just the beginning. Many more CLOSED leaders, businesses and governments will follow suit and for good reason. In time, CLOSED is not sustainable - either at home (in our personal lives) or at work (in our professional lives) in our increasingly open and connected worlds where mobile technologies, cloud computing, and social media RULE!

So what's the answer. Go Open.

Now you are wondering, how do I and my organization and leadership team go from Closed to Open. By following 4 steps:

  1. Take inventory of your attitudes, behaviors and beliefs - are they primarily closed or are you and your organization really open to new ways of thinking and ideas as well as new people and approaches?
  2. Think simply about your organization and activities - have you made it easy (like Netflix, Apple, and Google) to find the information your people want, when and where they want it using whatever devices they want?
  3. Practice open and inclusive actions- do you use open source software, the cloud and social media to communicate with your constituents and do you let them have two-way communications with each other?
  4. Tune to value and kindness - Remember, we are all of the same kind with shared values - the human- kind. As a result, we all want the same thing - to connect with others, to be recognized, and to realize our full potential. Economics provide the pathway and reveals the knowledge to get there.

As Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia said - 'Imagine a world in which every single person on the planet is given free access to the sum of all human knowledge (to see more of his quotes' - see link http://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Jimmy_Wales). If we all acknowledge that CLOSED doesn't work any more and we start our journey from closed to open, from thinking to feeling, and from competition to collaboration - imagine our collective future.

Where can you start your open efforts? That is your challenge and all of our opportunity!

Remember, Open Does Matter if you want to realize your full potential - individually and organizationally.

Cailin DarcyComment