The New Collaboration Generation

I attended my sons graduation at University of Pennsylvania this week, and the President of the school, Ann Gutmann, announced that the old model of leadership and governance was outdated and needed to be overhauled. In her speech to the graduating class of 2012, she noted that when the printing press was invented 500+ years ago, it wasn't old society plus printing, it was a new age. She went on to say, when she grew up, TVs revolutionized our (parents in the audience) world. Once again she noted, it wasn't TV plus what existed, it became the world of TV. Today, she noted the world is social (1.5 billion subscribers) and mobile (more cell phones than sanitary facilities). The result, it's not the age of social plus what existed, it is the social age.

Her conclusion - its time for a new model of leadership, governance and government. It's time for leaders to accept our social reality and become the 'collaboration generation' and leave our baby boom label behind! Sounds look good advice to me.