Its Time to Re!magine Risk

Mary Meeker, the famous internet analyst from Morgan Stanley and Venture Capital Investor at Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers (KPCB) presented this week at the annual WSJ D Conference on the impact of social and mobile technologies on all industries. Her key message was, it is time for all leaders (and investors) to Re!magine their industry, company, products, and services as well as their relationships with all their stakeholders.  Click below to see her stunning presentation:

What does that mean to you?

Simple, with 1 billion plus social media participants and 5 billion plus cell phone users - your business is now prone to new risks and potent rewards if you Re!magine your future today - before others do.

To help you on your Re!magination journey, reexamine your approach to your businesses' 4 key drivers:

  1. Purpose (vision and value)
  2. People (capabilities and values)
  3. Products (for customers, employees, investors)
  4. Processes (physical and digital).

Try to Re!imagine how you would reconstruct the above using today's technologies to connect, collaborate and do commerce.  According to Mary, we are just in the infancy of this revolution.   So you have time.

The Bottom Line:  The risks from today's social and mobile technologies are growing as more customers embrace these capabilities to enable themselves to make faster, better decisions about your products and services - and impact your business like they did to Blockbuster if you don't act.  It is also empowering employees to learn about your culture and find new forms of employment in the crowd sourcing world (see LInkedIn offers).

There is no time to waste - unless you want these technologies and the individuals that are using them to eat your country, company and industry (as prior posts from me have explained).  Start today and Re!magine your future!

Cailin DarcyComment