Social Business is Here! Take it Personally

There has been a lot of discussion about the power of social media in business. Well the numbers continue to pour in from LinkedIn, Jive Software and Bazaarvoice. The Result: It is here and it is real (see above graphic) As companies begin to grasp the realities of the social implications for leadership, technologies, organizational structure, revenue models, people and processes, it is clear, that a new world order is upon us. Business is going social and those that adopt will prosper and those that don't, won't.

In short, Donald Trump was wrong when he said - don't take it personally, its just business. In fact, TAKE IT VERY PERSONALLY. Why - because all business is personal, and social.  And that applies to how leaders need to treat you as an employee,  customer, partner or investor if they want to keep you as a relationship that helps them achieve their goals - be they financial or not. In short, there is no business -- and for that matter, intrinsically valuable assets -- if there are no customers, employees, partners or investors. Business, in the end, is a social endeavor that counts on you and me for value.

The good news -- Business is going social, and organizations will either get on board and prosper or not and suffer.  It's that simple. More importantly, its about time that companies made what they do personal, because it was always personal to everyone i know.

Cailin DarcyComment