Where do you get your data?

We source data from traditional and alternative sources, and also create our own datasets using our proprietary frameworks.  A few of our most important resources are Compustat and FactSet, used for traditional financial data, and RBICs which supplies information on the revenue streams and products companies offer.


Why does your score matter?

The AIM Score is an overall indicator of corporate health and readiness in the age of technology and networks.  Companies with technology- and platform-based business models have scale, cost and growth advantages that cannot be replicated with legacy business models which rely on making and selling products and services—e.g. businesses that scale slowly and at a high cost.  The advantage of technology- and platform-based business  (e.g. marketplaces with robust buyer and seller networks) can be seen in revenue growth, profitability, and investor valuation. In the mid and long term, these companies tend to outperform the market.


How do we know it works?

We’ve run the numbers and our research shows that the right business models create both short- and long-term advantages.  We also worked with our partner, S&P, to create an index that enables individuals and institutions to invest in companies with each year’s highest AIM Scores. S&P’s back-testing shows that this investment strategy outperforms the market.


How is your score measured?

Our AIM Score is based on your company’s business model profile as well as traditional growth and industry related metrics.  We use machine learning algorithms to create a composition of five unique drivers: making and selling things, providing services, managing money, creating technology, and building and facilitating networks.  Better business models are allocated more points, as are companies with indicators of strong growth and industry competitiveness.


What is a business model?

Business model is how a company spends and makes money – it’s that simple.  We have identified five primary business models, like corporate DNA, which can be used to describe any organization: (1) Making and selling physical things, (2) Offering the services of people, (3) Managing money through investments or insurance, (4) Creating data and software, and (5) Facilitating the interactions of marketplace with buyers and sellers on a platform.  Companies that use the last two business models, either alone or in concert with other business models, have the advantage in today’s market.


How do I upgrade my plan?

To upgrade your plan, simply contact our sales department and we will give you a hand.  


How do I implement my recommendations?

We are an AI platform that offers analysis, insights and machine generated recommendations.  We partner with first class small and large consulting firms.  If you can’t find the right one on your own, call our team and we will give you a hand with our network.  


How much does this cost?

We have a three-tiered pricing model.   For your strategy score, it is always free.  Just enter your company’s basic data, do a search on another company (currently we only offer the strategy scores for public companies) and voila – find out what you are seeking.  It’s just like getting a FICO score, but for companies’ strategy.  If you want to upgrade, simply upgrade your membership to premium and you will be able to access the recommendation engine.  In the future, we will have a market place that will connect you to the world’s best consultants, software vendor and data providers.   If you are a large enterprise, we have a plan that enables you to white label our solution and connect your consultants to your clients and prospects.


Can I create accounts for others in my company?

It’s easy.  Contact us and we will add them for you.  In the future, you will be able to add them youself and collaborate as well on the platform, sharing notes, doing analysis, etc. 


Who do I contact if I still have questions?

Support@aimatters.com or call our toll free number.