1993 - My Wife was Right

In 1993, when my wife was dean of students at Harvard Dental School, she asked me - why do male leaders only care about money and things. “Don’t people, knowledge, kindness and authentic relationships also matter”? I thought - hmmm. She could be onto something.

As the co-leader of a $2B real estate investment portfolio at the Hancock, all we talked about was money and things (buildings). I thought, this can’t be right. What about the tenants, their needs, and data and their data? Aren’t they more powerful and more valuable than the buildings?

It was the beginning of AIMatters.


2000 - The Economic Genome

In 2000, Craig Venter mapped the human genome - all 4 billion combinations of 4 basic chemicals - Adenine, Thymine, Guanine, and Cytosine.

I thought - is there a parallel between the human and economic genome? Was there an economic genome with an equally simple equation - e.g. a limited number of factors that like the human genome combine in 4 billion different ways in organizations to create value?

In 2000, the same year that Craig published his findings, I wrote my first book - Cracking the Value Code - and published my first patent on the economic genome.


2009 - Thoughts Matter

In 2009, I started meditating due to a serious health condition. I quickly learned what I thought mattered - specifically, there is a mind-body connection - and my thoughts were directly impacting my health.

It is no different in business. Leaders and board members thoughts determine where they invest their capital - eg. things and money or people, data and networks.

The result; I started correlating leaders thoughts with firm outcomes and realized I could map the relationship between economic outcomes and leaders beliefs.


2013 - Megan joins the team

In 2013, I started AIMatters with Megan Beck as my partner. Our first step: to document my research and correlate market values with our insights.

By 2015, she and her analysts had analyzed thousands of companies using our patent pending 5 factor model. The result, we published our findings in a book by HBR called The Network Imperative as well co-authored 75+ articles in Forbes, WSJ, MIT’s Sloan Management Review and HBR..

In addition, we also started building our team to instrument ourselves and use machines to become the first AI Powered Strategy Platform.


2015 - AlphaGo beats Go

AlphaGo beat Go - the oldest board game in the world. And we said: Let’s use that same technology to help leaders beat the market and their competitor by using AI and easy to use platform.

So we built our alpha version of our platform using Google’s DeepMind solution called Tensor Flow. Since then, we have built out our team, solutions and client base.

We are confident that we can help companies beat the old strategy algorithm created by Michael Porter using AI.


2018 - AI Powered Strategy Platform Launched

Having started as a strategist at Mckinsey, I have always thought I could use machines to replace myself. But it wasn’t easy.

To get there,, we created the first Corporate GPS tracking system that benchmarked a companies economic position, then provided leaders with education about their choices, provided automated recommendations and finally connected our clients to our partner consulting firms to help execute the machine based plan.

Our Mission: to change consulting the way Betterment and Wealthfront are changing Financial Services.


2019 - It’s time for companies to have the same tools as investors

In the financial markets, machines create competitive advantage for the investors that know how to harness them.

It is time for companies and their leaders to have the same tools. As such, we are built an AI platform that enables companies to ‘buy, sell and hold’ any tangible (money and things) and intangible asset (people, knowledge and networks) to generate superior returns.

We are excited about our future and yours in the age of the automation. Join us on this incredible journey and our let our machines help your company create exponential value.



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