It started with a simple mission and profound ambition 


Leaders Need AI Powered Strategy

So We Built It

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AIMatters AI Powered Strategy Analyzes

AIMatters Analyzes

Our AI Powered Platform assesses your strategy, conducts competitive analysis, and benchmarks your company’s position.

AIMatters AI Powered Strategy Educates

AIMatters Educates

Our AI Powered Platform is integrated with our AI for Leaders edX Course which provides AI First Certification, and up-skills your team.

AIMatters AI Powered Strategy Recommends

AIMatters Recommends

Our AI Powered Platform generates recommendations, develops growth scenarios, and quantifies alternatives based on your company’s benchmarks.

AIMatters AI Powered Strategy Executes

AIMatters Executes

Our AI Powered Platform connects you with our partners’ people, information, and software solutions to help you execute your plan.

AIMatters AI Powered Strategy Monitors

AIMatters Monitors

Our AI Platform monitors your progress, tracks your teams activities, and proposes ways to improve your execution.


Are You An AI Powered Platform?

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Who Should Take This Course?

This course will arm you with the tools and techniques you need to drive your career and organization into the world of AI powered platforms and join companies at the forefront of this revolution like, Amazon, Apple, Alphabet, Uber and Airbnb.


Board Members

Corporate directors seeking to master AI’s impact


Corporate Executives

Leaders that want to transform their organization


Leaders On the Rise

Team members that want to drive their future career

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What You’ll Learn


Where to look for data and what data is valuable to your business and AI and how your organization and tam can catch-up with today’s leaders.


How platform business models and AI technologies complement each other and the economics of these new technologies and business models.


The 7 attributes of AI led organizations, the characteristics of leaders that embrace AI Powered Platform Business Models, and the 5 steps for success we call PIVOT.


4 Week Online Course


4 - 6 Hours Per Week


Free Course + $49 for Certification

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Create Your Own AI Powered Strategy

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