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How AI Powered Strategy Works

AIMatters AI Powered Strategy Platform


| Our robos ask a few questions

What are your business goals? Optimize what you are doing? Digitize your customer, employee and product service offerings? Or building an AI powered platform to achieve exponential returns? No matter what your goal, we will ask you just a few questions to make it easier to understand your current and future state.


 Questions this capability addresses:

What are you trying to accomplish?

What are your growth and profit goals?

How can AI help me with my strategy?

Actions you can take:

Upload your data

Select a growth strategy

Get a free consultation

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AIMatters AI Powered Strategy Platform


| Our algos analyze your position

By evaluating over 4,000 reported data features, and combining those features with natural language processing (NLP) of corporate disclosures, AIMatters’ strategy platform automatically delivers precise analysis of your company’s strategy, your peers, and your industry positioning using our patent-pending Corporate GPS.


Questions this capability addresses:

How competitive is my company?

What are my competitors doing?

What are the best companies doing?

Actions you can take:

Understand your strategy

Evaluate your competitors

See the best companies’ strategies

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AIMatters AI Powered Strategy Platform


| We help you become AI superstars

Our AI for Leaders course, created in partnership with edX, helps your leaders build much-needed AI capabilities to navigate in the machine learning. With four modules and more than forty videos, 100 articles and multiple checks along the way, this course is the perfect primer for leaders and boards wishing to better understand how Data, AI, and Platforms come together to create exponential growth and value. And if you want to be a AI black belt - you can even get certified.


Questions this capability addresses:

What are the basics of artificial intelligence?

How are data and platforms essential to AI?

What is the process of transformation?

Actions you can take:

Build your AI knowledge

Identify AI and platform opportunities within your firm

Create a plan for transformation

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AIMatters AI Powered Strategy Platform


| Our algos build different scenarios

AIMatters allows its users to upload their own data, combine it with AIMatters’ proprietary data sets, and create custom strategies to suit their businesses. Our platform recognizes that every organization wants to bring their unique perspective and data sets and then see how those perspectives correlate to economic drivers and value. We allow users to mix-and-match data sets, training data, and ML algorithms to create unique insights.


Questions this capability addresses:

What are my growth opportunities?

How much are the changes recommended worth?

What should I do to improve my strategy score?

Actions you can take:

Evaluate your strategic options

Begin your transformation to platform, network and AI

Optimize your current operations

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AIMatters AI Powered Strategy Platform

05 | Our platform helps you execute

Coming July 1st, 2019

AIMatters uses algorithms to match you to the right consulting partners to help you execute our machine generated strategic recommendations. Our Tier 1 partners and platform insures that like Uber, you are matched to the right consultant, software solution and service to ‘get you where you want to go directly and cost effectively’ to achieve exponential growth and value.


Questions this Skill addresses:

What do I need to actually implement this strategy?

Where can I find resources to support me?

Who are the right partners?

Actions this Skill takes:

Identify needed capabilities

Source resources to support transformation

Start with your list of To Do’s and make it happen

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Simple Plans, Cost Effective Pricing

AI Platform

$40k / month*

Includes: Platform (AIaaS) deployment | 15 users | White label branding ] Client and employee enrollment

AI Services

$10K / month*

Includes: Employee and client training | Platform on-boarding | Customer set up

AI Data

Call for pricing

Includes alternative data sets: Corporate strategy | Board & leadership profiles | Corporate capital allocation

*Excludes Platform Set Up Fee, CEO/Board Advice, Team Education