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| We ask a few questions regarding your strategy

uWhat are your business goals? Who are your competitors? What are your performance objectives (growth, profits, valuation)? We make it easy for you to achieve your goals.


 Questions this capability addresses:

What are you trying to accomplish?

What are your growth and profit goals?

How can AI help me with my strategy?

Actions you can take:

Upload your data

Select a growth strategy

Get a free consultation

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| Our algos analyze and benchmark your strategy

By evaluating over 70,000 companies, 4,000 data features and millions of words in corporate communications, our robots automatically benchmark your strategy using our patent-pending Corporate GPS.


Questions this capability addresses:

How competitive is my company?

What are my competitors doing?

What are the best companies doing?

Actions you can take:

Understand your strategy

Evaluate your competitors

See the best companies’ strategies

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| Our machines make recommendations

Creating a great company requires implementing best practices across your company. Our machine provides recommendations based on what the very best companies are doing, regardless of industry..


Questions this capability addresses:

What are my growth opportunities?

How much are the changes recommended worth?

What should I do to improve my strategy score?

Actions you can take:

Evaluate your strategic options

Understand your gap to platform centric

Optimize your current operations

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| Our platform offers business model education

To be a great company, you need to be a great leader. Which means you need to know today’s technologies, business models and data. We partnered with EdX to provide in context training.


Questions this capability addresses:

What are the basics of artificial intelligence?

How are data and platforms essential to AI?

What is the process of transformation?

Actions you can take:

Build your AI knowledge

Identify platform opportunities within your firm

Create a plan for transformation

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05 | Our robo monitors your performance.

Keeping on track is hard in today’s complex world. To ensure that you are staying on course, our machines monitor your actions, provide you with alerts and update you with competitive insights coming the end of this year.


Questions this Skill addresses:

Am I on course?

What are my competitors doing?

Will I receive alerts?

Actions this Skill delivers:

Identify needed corrections

Provides alerts and recommendations

Delivers to do’s to make it easy

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06 | Our playbook delivers results

We know that you need to execute. So we built a proprietary operating playbook that guides you on the journey to becoming a modern business model. We are working on a SaaS version of it to accelerate your efforts. It’s not ready yet, but be patient, its coming in 2020.


Questions this Skill addresses:

What do I need to become a platform?

Where can I find resources to support me?

Who are the right partners?

Actions this Skill delivers:

Identify needed capabilities

Source partners for transformation

Begin your PIVOT Process

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